Why Pray for the Media?

By James Faris - Posted at Gentle Reformation:

Why pray for the media? The answer is simple. Because God answers prayers offered up for the media.

Consider that in 2018 two of the heralded heroes of Sports Illustrated, Time, ESPN and other major media outlets were Rachael Denhollander and Tyler Trent. Both are Christians who have suffered immensely, and have persevered and/or continue to persevere. In various ways, they were heard in 2018 and still are being heard because of their faith.

Denhollander led a host of sexual abuse victims in testifying boldly against Dr. Larry Nassar. Her gospel-infused courtroom speech proclaimed Christ. She punctuated a series of speeches from survivors with her own. She highlighted the justice and mercy of God through a mega-phone of major news outlets that no one can order as she said to Larry Nassar’s face: ...