Jesus is Coming Back

By Jared Olivetti - Posted at Gentle Reformation:

As I write, many of our American readers are at the polls, casting votes in hope of God raising up those who will lead in the fear of the Lord. And without knowing who is leading or who will win, I boldly predict that America's divisions will only grow and our Christlessness continue to show itself by our the elevation of politics and leaders into the American pantheon of minor deities. So as you read this on Wednesday morning, unable to wash the sour aftertaste of another election out of your mouth, here is a brief but Biblical word of encouragement.

Jesus is coming back.

We don't know the when, but we do know the who, the what and the why.

We know the second person of the Trinity, the incarnate Christ, will come once again into this world.

We know He will come as a conquering King, revealing what had been hidden during His first time on earth.