Jailed For His Faith? American Pastor to Stand Trial in Turkey Monday

By Amber C. Strong - Posted at CBN News:
An American pastor imprisoned in Turkey will be at the mercy of that country's courts Monday.
Pastor Andrew Brunson, 50, will stand before a court after being locked away and charged with espionage and "membership in an armed terroristic organization" among other things.

Supporters say his actual crime is being a Christian.

“Let me be crystal clear. He is on trial because he is a Christian. His faith is the crime. He is a hostage of the Turkish regime,” wrote Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel for the American Center for Law and Justice.

The ACLJ, who have taken on Brunson’s case, says the South Carolina native had no prior run-ins with the Turkish government and had been sharing the gospel there 23 years.

He has spent 17 months in prison already and faces up to 35 years.