Jesus, Billy, & The American Way

By Steve Griffin - Posted at Just Thinking (and writing):

I have gone back to the Bible to restudy what it says about the responsibilities we have as peacemakers. I have seen that we must seek the good of the whole human race, and not just the good of any one nation or race. 
There have been times in the past when I have, I suppose, confused the kingdom of God with the American way of life. Now I am grateful for the heritage of our country, and I am thankful for many of its institutions and ideals, in spite of its many faults. But the kingdom of God is not the same as America . . .1
~Billy Graham

Rev. Graham uttered those humble, honest words in August of 1979.

I too have changed my way of thinking since the summer of ’79. Back then I didn’t give much thought to peace-making or Christ’s kingdom. Yes, I believed in Jesus but I never considered the tension between Americana and Christ’s claims on my life. No, I didn’t hurt others but neither did I love them like I loved me.