By  Peter Witkowski - Posted at WitkowskiBlog.com

Though our protocols, security measures, and security personal are needed, these measures cannot be the source of our security and hope...
And that just happened. An 80 year-old man shot himself and his wife while the couple was engaged in a conversation about the recent church shooting in Texas. And the location of the shooting was First United Methodist Church in Tellico Plains, Tennessee. The irony of the story cannot be missed. I suspect USA Today ran the story because the account fits nicely with the mantra that a guns do not prevent gun violence. While I have no wish to discuss the political nature of this news story, I think we should reflect on the story because it reveals a spiritual irony as well.

As the very weapon that signaled safety was accidentally discharge, Christians were reminded of the futility of trusting in weapons for safety. Yes the deaths of the 27 church members in Texas troubles our minds. Christians should recognize that they live in a fallen and broken world filled with broken people who are capable of doing horrific things. Christians who value wisdom and maintaining a good witness to the world should embrace security measures and take steps to keep their church community safe. Churches that allow children to leave their premises without supervision are foolishly opening the church up to crisis that could undermine their ability to preach the gospel.


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