Ligonier Ministries Lifts Suspension of R.C. Sproul Jr. for His “Visit” to Ashley Madison

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In August 2015, R.C. Sproul Jr. posted a confession on his website titled Judgement and Grace in which he acknowledged visiting Ashley Madison one year earlier. Ashley Madison is a perverse website used to arrange illicit relationships for the purpose of fornication, adultery, homosexuality, and lesbianism.

“In August 2014, in a moment of weakness, pain, and from an unhealthy curiosity, I visited Ashley Madison. My goal was not to gather research for critical commentary, but to fan the flames of my imagination.” (R.C. Sproul Jr., “Judgment and Grace,” August 31, 2015)

At the time of his acknowledgement, he held three powerful and prestigious positions in Ligonier Ministries. More than anyone else in the organization. First, he was the esteemed Rector and Chair of Philosophy and Theology in the Reformation Bible College.

Second, he was a prestigious Teaching Fellow in the ministry along with Sinclair Ferguson, W. Robert Godfrey, Steven J. Lawson, R. Albert Mohler Jr., Stephen J. Nichols, and Derek W. H. Thomas – all heavy hitters.

Third, he was on the twelve-member Board of Directors that includes his father and mother. His father is R.C. Sproul Sr., a renowned writer and theologian and also the founder and chairman of Ligonier Ministries.

For his “visit” to Ashley Madison, he was suspended from these three positions for ten months.