Uncovering the True Ties of National Right to Life

By Blaze Bullock - Posted at Conservative Review:

To many in the conservative movement it may seem as though the National Right to Life Committee (NRLC) is the premier organization dedicated to ending abortion. But to others, the picture is laden with distrust, tension and ineffectiveness, even with NRLC’s own state affiliates.

Last week, Conservative Review took a deeper look into the symbiotic relationship between GOP establishment members, including as Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and the National Right to Life Committee in regards to unifying their messaging against defunding Planned Parenthood in the latest budget bill. But we wanted to know, was this representative of the entire Right to Life organization across the national and state level or was this symbolic of a bigger problem — NRLC’s tendency to listen to put politics over people?

NRLC has 50 state affiliates, one for every state, designed to push local and federal politicians to support legislation that ends abortion. While state groups focus on local and state candidates, NRLC focuses strictly on federal candidates.

The most recent example of the friction between NRLC and its state organizations can be seen in Alaska. Alaska Right to Life (ARTL) severed its ties with the NRLC in April of this year because they have "irreconcilable differences with the strategy and direction of NRLC and that of Alaska Right to Life," according to a statement released by ARTL in April. "The most notable difference would be NRLC's willingness to include rape and incest exceptions in legislation purely for the purpose of protecting incumbent politicians from their constituents," the statement continued.