The Media Used To Do Abortion Stings, Not Slam Undercover Work

By D.C. McAllister - Posted at The Federalist:

Instead of looking into the substance of the story, the media have gone after the undercover journalists who exposed Planned Parenthood’s trafficking in human flesh.

After the release of a shocking video by the Center for Medical Progress that shows an abortion doctor talking about harvesting and selling baby parts, the mainstream media refused to cover the story. No surprise there. They also blacked out the grisly realities of Kermit Gosnell, an abortion doctor who severed babies’ necks and drowned them in toilets.

What the media in our country used to do—investigate and expose the truth—has been left to groups like the nonprofit Center for Medical Progress (CMP). Through the Human Capital project, these citizen journalists are undergoing extensive sting operations to document how Planned Parenthood sells body parts of aborted babies—a worthy undertaking considering the seriousness of the practice, the ethical questions swirling around it, and the fact that taxpayer money helps fund it. These journalists have been the watchdogs the mainstream media used to be.

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