If You Want To Drain The Swamp, Put Character First When Voting

Swamp in southern Louisiana. Photo by Jan Kronsell, 2004 - Wikipedia

By Georgi Boorman - Posted at The Federalist:

You think it’s bad now? Wait ‘til you throw even a shred of a standard of decency out the window for the greater good of your tribe.

Ben Shapiro responded Tuesday to D.C. McAllister’s argument justifying voting for immoral people because they can accomplish good things. He wrote, “[McAllister’s] best argument is her first: there are character flaws that matter, and ones that matter less; that there are ends that justify certain means; that an evil outcome may be so immediate as to justify using bad men to stop it.” True.

Unfortunately, McAllister has put this type of moral decision in a box. She argued, “I’d rather have a [sexually immoral] hypocrite who will stop the murder of millions of babies than a virginal man who leads countless to the slaughter.” If that’s the last decision we’ll ever make as voters, and the outcomes were assured, of course we should vote for the hypocrite.

This is short-sighted argument that ignores what she later admits, but glosses over, in her piece: “These immoralities… could, through consequences, impact his public decision-making or influence, ripping from him his moral authority.” She also concedes that “we should want people in power and even our associations who are good, moral, and upstanding. We will all be better for it. This is logical and morally consistent.”


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