America the Beautiful?

Men of the 16th Infantry Regiment, U.S. 1st Infantry Division wade ashore on Omaha Beach on the morning of 6 June 1944. (Wikipedia)

By David Luepke - Posted at Wisconsin Christian News:

Some calendars will show the sixth of June as D-Day to commemorate the invasion of France by America and it’s allies on June sixth of 1944. That incredible day was the beginning of the end of Hitler’s evil attempt to control the world.

One definition of D-Day says it is nothing more than a code used by the military, but many people have used it to stand for “DECISION Day,” and that’s not a bad idea, because in 1944 Americans made a DECISION to stand against evil.

Many thousands of Americans paid a price for that decision and many paid with their lives. In all, a total of 9,387 of them lie in a cemetery overlooking Normandy Beach and there are many many more who sacrificed their lives, and we have to ask, for what?

It is a well established fact that we were a Nation under God and totally understood the meaning of Psalm 33:12, “Blessed is the Nation whose God is the Lord.”

So how did we get to the point where so many people come together to worship and take for granted the freedoms that we enjoy? Most stand idly by and let the enemies of God rewrite history.

Make no mistake about it, D-Day was a war of good against evil. That war continues, and we should all be grateful that for the most part, it is a war of words -- but it is none the less, still a war of good versus evil, and America is losing.

It is a culture and spiritual war and we owe a major apology to everyone who ever put on a uniform in the defense of our nation because they laid their lives on the line to stand for freedom while the vast majority of “Christians” at this time will not speak up for truth.

We have the freedom to disagree but we do NOT have the freedom to rewrite history. We are a nation that has forgotten our foundations. ...


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