Activists Arrested in KY for Blockading Abortion Clinic Doors

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“Sometimes Christians must break the law in order to truly love their neighbor. Weren’t those who smuggled slaves to freedom breaking the law? Weren’t those who hid Jews from their Nazi persecutors breaking the law?” asked Elizabeth Johnston, in her blog The Activist Mommy.

LOUISVILLE, Ky — Anti-abortion activists were arrested and charged with criminal trespassing after blocking the doors of the last remaining surgical abortion center in the state on Saturday.

The eleven demonstrators were carrying out what has become commonly known in the anti-abortion movement as a “rescue”, wherein the rescuers lock arms in front of the clinic entrances in order to prevent women from entering. The tactic was abandoned in the 90s after passage of the FACE act and successful RICO lawsuits, which imposed harsh penalties including one year in prison and $100,000 fines for first time offenders.

EMW Women’s Surgical Center in Louisville, Kentucky has been the focus of controversy and attention, as Governor Matt Bevin and Pro-life leaders have been actively trying to shut down the facility due to its failure to meet state regulations. The last stand-alone surgical abortion facility in the state, EMW is on indefinite life support via court rulings. Rescue organizer Rusty Thomas and others are calling on Bevin to the ignore rulings, which they point out are unlawful, immoral and tyrannical, and shut the clinic down.