Prayer for a President You Prefer Not

By DAN MICHAEL COGAN - Posted at Anchorline:

"I do not think, as some evangelical leaders have, that Mr. Trump is a kind of David or Samson anymore than I thought that of Barack Obama. To compare either of these men to the foreshadows of Christ is borderline blasphemy, but more likely merely bad exegesis."

I was pretty vocal during the 2016 election about my opposition to Donald Trump. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t want Hillary Clinton to be our next President either, but that didn’t mean I could bring myself to vote for Mr. Trump as a result. Instead, on Election Day, I cast the ballot for a candidate I knew wasn’t going to win, but with whom I could stand on most issues.

But can I be honest for a moment? I was actually kind of relieved Mr. Trump won. Kind of.