Is the Church Ignoring Sexual Assault this Election?

Last week, America’s already divisive presidential election took another turn for the worst. Video evidence surfaced of Republican candidate Donald Trump openly bragging about his numerous sexual assaults on women. The news set off a firestorm of controversy, with many Republicans formally withdrawing their support from Trump and condemning his actions on social media. Just a few notable names include Senator John McCain, former secretary of state Condoleezza Rice, and Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan. However, the news reverberated strongest through Christian circles, where many evangelical leaders have voiced support for Trump.

Trump’s predatory statements have caused one prominent Christian to desert his campaign altogether. Southern Baptist ethicist and theologian Wayne Grudem, who had previously penned an article in favor of Trump, wrote publically of his exodus online. However, as Russell Moore observed in a recent article for The Washington Post,
"...virtually all of the ‘reaffirmation of support’ for Trump, following the disclosure of his sexually predatory recorded comments, were from religious conservative leaders.”