Halloween; Pagan or Christian?

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A post-mortem of a heretic observence

Halloween has become a festivity that is supposed to be nothing more than mere fun for the whole family. Halloween is a day where children innocently personify evil spirits and go door to door to receive treats of all sorts from strangers.

However, many parents don't realise that Halloween is not a harmless day, it is actually the witches’ New Year. Hallowe'en goes back many centuries to the ancient Druid priests of Britain and France. For these people, this pagan holiday is actualy a celebration of the end of summer and the beginning of the Celtic year.

Much research has gone into this festivity due to the imense controversy it holds in our modern era. Many researchers believe that the festival is named after Samhain ( pronounced sah-ween), Samhain is the God of the dead. There are a few people who are not convinced of this version of history; nevertheless, this holiday IS satanic deep within its roots.

The druids believed that on this particular night, the spirits of those who died would come back from the afterlife and walk amongst them. The one and only goal of the dead is to terrorize and harass the living; some of the spirits hope to posses living animals.