Members of the SA enforce the boycott of Jewish stores.
1 April 1933 - Wikipedia
Posted at The Darling Princess:

In spite of Godwin’s Law, I find an astonishing amount of parallels in recent days to that of 1930s Germany.

The people had come out of wartime in Germany with tremendous national debt and high unemployment, especially among young people. They were ravaged and hungry, much worse off than most of the US. We have areas of poverty and despair. Our national debt is in the tens of trillions. That is a number I cannot fathom. Personal debt is widespread as well.

The schools in the 30s Germany were in shambles. Our schools have not been properly educating for a long time. Long held, well-established teaching methods have given way to new complex difficult mathematics and sight word reading. For two decades we’ve been asking why Johny can’t read.

Our city streets, airports, trade ports and municipal buildings are in disrepair, as were seen in Germany. Of course, they had dealt with war in their country, we are merely dealing with mismanagement and squandering corrupt leadership. Just consider Flint, Michigan.

Social unrest is a real threat to peace and safety here. In Germany in the 30s, unrest was an understatement. We may see this in more insidious ways, but we have the same collective anger that they suffered with.