SC Gov Nikki Haley endorses opponent of Christian Constitutionalist

Gov. Nikki Haley endorses Scott Talley for the Senate District 12 Republican primary runoff
 during a campaign event in Duncan on Thursday.
(Photo: HEIDI HEILBRUNN/Staff/Greenville Online

Columbia Christians for Life (CCL)
Columbia, South Carolina
June 17, 2016

Haley attacks Bright:

SC Gov Nikki Haley, politically ambitious Establishment Puppet-girl, endorses opponent of pro-life, pro-personhood, pro-second amendment, Christian constitutionalist, two-term incumbent SC Senator Lee Bright in Republican Primary Runoff


Establishment water-carrier, Gov Nikki Haley joins the pro-transgender bathrooms, CEO Ted Pitts led, SC Chamber of Commerce in bashing Christian constitutionalist, legislative hero, Senator Lee Bright.

Apparently, establishing justice to raise a principled standard of preborn personhood in the SC State Constitution against the shedding of innocent blood of children in the womb; and preventing perverted men who think they are "transgendered" [ sic ] from entering the bathrooms and showers of females; and preventing Syrian refugees who may include embedded Islamic jihadists from settling in South Carolina, are not sufficiently admirable causes to be championed, to merit not being opposed for re-election, in the immoral, "mammon-first", anti-Bible, anti-Christ, anti-Christians, new world order being constructed by the SC Chamber of Commerce and Establishmentarians like Nikki Haley and her globally-minded masters both inside and beyond South Carolina.

Let not only South Carolina voters, but also voters in the rest of the country who may receive and may see this e-mail, remember for the future this treachery and betrayal on the part of political ladder climber "conservative" [sic] Judas Haley. For Haley, it's all about Nikki.

[ Haley had actually endorsed Lee Bright back in 2012 ! ]

Ted Pitts and the SC Chamber of Commerce PAC would be wise to remember what God says in Matthew 6:33, KJV ( w/ Deity capitalized ), and to repent of their attacks against Lee Bright:

"But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you."



Haley endorses challenger in closely watched SC Senate race
dbell@greenvillenews.com10:23 a.m. EDT June 17, 2016

Gov. Nikki Haley endorses Scott Talley for the Senate District 12 Republican primary runoff
during a campaign event in Duncan on Thursday.

[ Note: emphasis added, portion omitted ]

DUNCAN – Gov. Nikki Haley jumped into another contest between Republicans Thursday, endorsing Spartanburg lawyer Scott Talley in his bid to oust controversial state Sen. Lee Bright.

Hoping to tilt the scales in one of the most closely watched races in South Carolina, Haley blasted Bright as an untrustworthy obstructionist while praising Talley as a true conservative reformer.

The Republican governor said her biggest problem with Bright was his opposition to ethics reform, a favorite cause of Haley’s.

Bright worked with Democrats to kill ethics reform last year, Haley said, and only voted for it on Wednesday night because he’s up for re-election.

“No one in the Legislature feels like they can trust him,” Haley said. “Because you never know what he’s going to do. It’s all about Lee.”

In response, Bright said he voted for the latest version of ethics reform because it did not include a requirement that political groups trying to influence elections disclose their donors – something he believes would squelch free speech.



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