Kinism: The Great Commission Denied

Posted at Cicero Kirk:
"Kinism is virulent racism dressed up in supposed equality. Their cry is 'Africa for Africans, Europe for Europeans and Asia for Asians' (Somehow, America for Native Americans didn’t make the cut) claiming that while they believe in the equality of all races, that they need to be kept separate, segregated in order to protect their respective cultures and distinctions. A byproduct of keeping the cultures separate is, of course, being anti-interracial marriage, or as they prefer to call it, miscegenation..."
One of the problems with Christendom and the divisions within is that we want to circle the wagons when someone speaks against our brand instead of listening to our critics to see if there is value in what they have to say. We want to defend our own, and if sometimes our own is indefensible, we prefer to ignore them, pretend they don’t exist, aren’t a problem. This is foolishness, you can’t ignore a cancer in your body. We must be our own greatest critics, removing the planks out of our own eyes before we remove the specks from others. That is one reason why, as a Reformed, Calvinistic Christian I am critical of Douglas Wilson and his teachings. It’s why I’m thankful for the protectors of orthodoxy in the URC and OPC denominations who have written at length and in detail against the errors of Federal Vision.

But there is a stink in the Reformed body, we’re not the sole host but I believe we’re the the largest one in the Christian world. It’s the odious theology of kinism and I’ve discovered, sadly, that it’s far more prevalent than I previously thought.



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