Is This Presidency the End of America? The Executive Branch Up Close

By Jake MacAulay - Posted at Institute on the Constitution:

This has been an unforgettable and historical election where the first woman campaign manager in American history was able to bring a candidate to the oval office. Not to mention, this candidate is the first non-politician, non-military veteran to be elected to the high office. Regardless, certain demographics were literally in mourning for days after the election, including desperate crying fits and depression!

For this reason, I have decided to outline why we can “exchange our mourning for gladness,” because our founders placed so much emphasis on limiting the Executive Branch of government in America.

Understanding the nature and the limits of the authorities and powers granted to the Executive Branch of the federal government by the Constitution is very liberating unless you countenance tyranny. Our founders provided a way in which the different branches can impede each other, thereby slowing down the actions of government, and this is a great protection for individual liberty.

The president-elect must swear an oath to Almighty God (and to the people) to do no other than to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution.” George Washington started the tradition of the added statement “so help me God” to the oath, further substantiating the dependence of the office on the reliance of Providential aid.