How Much Does Common Core Misery Cost?

By Denis Ian - Posted at Truth In American Education:

How much does misery cost?

“About another $12.1 billion over the next few years. Nationally exceeding $80 Billion since 2010.”

That should be some first-class misery. And it’s on you. Your treat! Enjoy!

The vulture capitalists can smell your misery from miles away … and they’re so ready to pick your wallets clean.

Big Pharma, Big Oil, and Big Banks were just warm-up routines for Big Education.

Your own schools … the ones you actually own … will be the investment oases of this new century … with a renewable stream of your own tax dollars until … until we all come to our senses. Or go broke.

Common Core is mutating before our very eyes.

Tutoring shops are popping up like nail salons … poised to teach your children the mathematics no one understands. And to teach them how to read a whole book … as you once learned.

Think of them as educational repair shops where the madness of public education can be undone … or at least mitigated.

There are subject-matter tutorial sites … and review books … and videos. Even tutoring enterprises … with fanciful names … to do what ordinary parents used to do way back when … in normal times.

But these are not normal times.