Samaritan’s Purse Sends Emergency Field Hospital to New York City

By Julie Roys

Two weeks ago, Samaritan’s Purse flew an emergency field hospital to Italy to help with the coronavirus outbreak there. Now it’s setting up a similar hospital in the new epicenter of the outbreak: downtown Manhattan.

The Christian charity announced yesterday that it’s erecting a 14-tent, 68-bed respiratory care unit in New York’s Central Park to care for seriously ill COVID-19 patients. A 72-member team of doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel is also on the ground, and the field hospital is expected to open on Tuesday.

As of Monday, New York City had more than 36,000 COVID-19 cases and nearly 800 deaths. The health care system there is being pushed to the brink. And officials say hospitals are just days from running out of space.

“People are dying from the coronavirus, hospitals are out of beds, and the medical staff are overwhelmed,” said Franklin Graham, president of Samaritan’s Purse. “We are deploying our Emergency Field Hospital to New York to help carry this burden. This is what Samaritan’s Purse does—we respond in the middle of crises to help people in Jesus’ Name.”
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