Should Christian Foster Agencies Agree to Place Children with LGBT Couples?

By Julie Roys

Bethany Christian Services, the largest Christian adoption and foster agency in the U.S., recently faced a gut-wrenching decision. Either change its policy and begin placing foster children with same-sex couples—or lose the more than 1,000 foster care contracts the agency had with the state of Michigan.

Bethany chose the former. And now the 60-year-old agency committed to equipping families to be the “answer for children . . . as Christ intended” will place foster children with LGBT couples.

The agency insisted that its decision does not represent a change to Bethany’s mission or Christian beliefs. In a Christianity Today op-ed, Bethany CEO Chris Palusky described the decision as the only compassionate option: “(W)e faced a choice: Continue caring for hurting children in foster care or let our disappointment with government requirements supersede our compassion for kids who have suffered and need a loving family.”

I can understand Palusky’s desire to help children in the foster care system. These often abused and neglected children desperately need Christian compassion and care.