Dear Douglas

By Thabiti Anyabwile - Posted at The Gospel Coalition:

Thank you for yours dated Monday, April 9. I appreciate the tone and content of most of what you’ve written. It may surprise you, or perhaps many onlookers to this exchange, that I very nearly agree with you at every point. You actually make a stronger case for a people’s complicity in inter-generational sin than I do! Thank you.

I very nearly agree with you at every point were my post a sermon. But it was not. So I felt no obligation to “get to the cross” in those posts as I do in preaching.

Indeed, contrary to what many have falsely exclaimed, I make it a discipline as best I’m able to preach the gospel of our Lord in every sermon. This is a requirement in the pulpit I have the privilege of leading. It’s what I do at public events—like Prison Fellowship’s event this past Saturday’s in support of people returning to the community from prison. Even at pastors’ conferences where the overwhelming majority of attendees are thought to be Christians, I not only typically preach the facts of the gospel but try also to articulate the blessed benefits of the gospel and call people to repentance and faith as if there might just be one person in the room not yet a believer or one person there deceiving themselves.

I am, and hope to be until I die or Christ returns, a gospel preacher.