The Gospel Coalition and a Children’s Book about Homosexuality

By Shawn Mathis - Posted at Pastor Mathis:

” ‘One more thing,’ he said. ‘No more Mr. McLeod. I’m your uncle now…I married your uncle, so I’m your other uncle.’ ” 
“Then my uncles turned to go, off into the blurry afternoon, looking good.”

This excerpt from The Best Man demonstrates the pedestrian manner in which homosexuality is integrated into the narrative of young adult books.

The book is a story about a young preteen boy (Archer) and the men in his life: father, grandfather, Uncle Paul and a school teacher, Mr. McLeod. Oddly, The Gospel Coalition recently reviewed the book. More specifically, the same-sex attracted, celibate Sam Allberry wrote the review.

Now, if you have read my prior two essays, you may assume that I have evidence that The Gospel Coalition (TGC) is endorsing homosexual books. That is not the case.

There is no endorsement of the book. In fact, Allberry frankly acknowledges the problem with the book:

“It doesn’t read like a Stonewall tract disguised as a children’s book. Sexuality is a theme, but it’s far from being the overriding one. Nor is there any graphic content. But there is tacit approval.”

Beyond this “tacit approval” of sodomy, according to Allberry the book is otherwise “compelling for its characterization and humanity. Serious issues are raised, but with a light touch and gentle humor. On the whole, it’s a charming story with strong themes and likeable characters.”

Allberry also believes there is much to “commend” the book; it is even “welcome.” Given the “humanity” in the book, readers learn that homosexuals are “real people.” Beyond some “light asides” that portray the “complexity around the issue of gay marriage,” there are no “serious discussion prompts.”

He concludes the review: “If your kids or their friends pick up The Best Man, listen to what they’re saying and, where possible, share how biblical sexuality offers a better way.”

So, I stand by my assessment: The Gospel Coalition is clearly not endorsing the book. But Allberry is not condemning it either.