Cold Hard Facts On Cults

By Marsha West - Posted at Berean Research:

Christians are drifting into a highly subjective murky mysticism.

Six years ago I penned a piece entitled “Caught up in a cult?” My concern at the time was that a growing number of people were being drawn into cults and cult-like groups that call themselves Christian. They had no clue that they’d strayed off The Safe Path into The Deep Weeds. So I laid out what a cult is and listed several groups to beware of. Six years later the numbers of people in cults has increased. The main reason is that there’s a famine of spiritual discernment in the land.

Many so-called evangelical Christians do not know the Truth. Why? Largely because they have little or no interest in reading and studying their bibles. Moreover, a growing number of Christians have abandoned the essential doctrines of the faith altogether. You know things are bad when a believer’s theology is “experience based” rather than based on God’s written Word. Doctrine, after all, is divisive. Several years ago, our late brother Ken Silva of Apprising Ministries lamented: “People are drifting into a highly subjective murky mysticism where one decides truth about God by what they ‘feel.’”