Flags, Guns and the Ten Commandments

Posted at Mom's Mustard Seeds:

Just a few random thoughts on some top issues in our society.


The Confederate flag has been in the midst of controversy since a man walked into a church and killed others. His reasons were awful. They are also evidence of what is not being taught in our country.

I grew up in the South. I grew up hearing hateful comments about black and whites. Now, I hear racial slurs against people from other nationalities and my heart aches.

After graduating, I left my small town and lived in other states and another country.

For a petite white girl, I did a lot and I learned even more.

But, what I learned from reading about Bible, taught me more than any nation or culture could.

For me, the Confederate flag is NOT about slavery. It’s about a group of states who did not want the Federal Government telling them how to run their states. (now, I don’t agree with slavery, don’t get me wrong there – it’s an abomination against all man-kind, but below I will share why Americans have become slaves and aren’t even aware of it)

Learning that God created all people in His image and for His glory gave me the desire ability to love others from other nations and of other colors more than any law could teach me.

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